Iolite Earrings. Iolite studs handmade with Sterling silver. 3 mm Gemstone and silver earrings

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Iolite earrings. Iolite studs handmade with quality sterling silver. 3 mm blue Iolite gemstone Cabochons in sterling silver settings. Ancient mariners looked at Iolite to guide their way to sea. They could see that the gemstone would show different hues of blue or violet when held to the northern and southern skies. We all need a little guidance in life and these are the perfect pair of earrings to help you on your way.

These petite 3mm Iolite earrings were created in my studio using traditional silversmithing techniques

 *Please note as with all natural Iolite earrings the colour and inclusions may vary slightly from the pair of Iolite earrings shown.